Emergency Preparedness

A community emergency preparedness is only as good
as the preparedness of its citizens.  Make emergency preparedness a
priority for you and your family.  There are a number of simple
actions that you and your family can take to better prepare for a
potential emergency.

Shelter-In-Place Instructions

  • Get indoors quickly.
  • Shut all doors and windows.  Turn off the air conditioning.
  • Stay away from external windows and go to an interior room, taking a radio or TV, phone, wet cloth or towel, plastic sheets, and duct tape.
  • Seal the air vents and all openings around all doors and windows.
  • If you happen to smell the chemical or have trouble breathing – breathe through the wet towel or for higher protection go to a bathroom and turn on the shower in a strong spray.
  • Wait for the all clear signal before you leave your shelter.